In Support of Torah Education
The Longest Shiur

The Longest Shiur (19 Hrs)
May 2 starting at 11PM-May 3 at 6:00PM

Wed. May 2, 2018 11PM - Thur. May 3, 2018 6PM - Lag B'Omer

11:00 PM (Wed Night)

Fire Starter: How the flame of Torah changes everything

12:00 AM

Time Waits for Nobody: Exploring the mystery of Time

1:00 AM

Night Walker: The Story of Reb Leibele Eiger

2:00 AM

Icarus Landing: Haunted Houses in Halacha

3:00 AM

The Grassy Knoll: Great Jewish Conspiracies

4:00 AM

Breakthrough! A new mega learning system

5:00 AM

The Soul’s Conversation: Rav Kook and the Dinnover Rebbe on Prayer

6:00 AM

Pre Prayer Pep Talk followed by Shacharit with Commentary

7:00 AM

Daf Yomi followed by a Talmudic Discourse

8:00 AM

Inter-being: Creating the Life you Deserve

9:00 AM

Super Jew: What makes somebody a Jewish Hero?

10:00 AM

Yom Yerushalayim: Our city, Forever.

11:00 AM

NRA and Gun Control: A Jewish position

12:00 PM

Was there ever a Female Chassidic Rebbe?

1:00 PM

Does Halacha require us to Vaccinate?

2:00 PM

16 of the Newest Pirkei Avos Gems

3:00 PM

Mincha followed by Romance of Redemption: The Book of Ruth

4:00 PM

Entering the Garden: The Rebbe’s life changing Baati Legani lectures

5:00 PM

Judaism Alive: Why nothing Compares to Torah